How can I contact Southern Furniture Leasing?

You can call us toll-free at 866-736-8481, leave a comment here on our website, or email wecare@southernfl.com! Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Does Southern Furniture Leasing deliver in my area?

Southern Furniture Leasing services all of Florida, Georgia and parts of Alabama! Delivery fees are based on delivery location and furniture package. Contact us by phone or email to determine delivery fees to your area.

Can I buy furniture from Southern Furniture Leasing?

We do not sell individual pieces but under certain circumstances we offer the option for customers to buy out their lease. Contact us by phone or email to determine if you are eligible for a lease buy out.

Can I rent single pieces of furniture?

Our company is designed to provide affordable furniture packages for the whole home. You can rent just one piece of furniture, but it may not be cost effective as you would be paying for the entire package.

If I don’t need all of the pieces in a furniture package, does the monthly rate change?

The package prices will remain the same whether you rent the full package or omit certain pieces. We are happy to accommodate each customer based on their needs or preferences. Substitutions may be available, please call us at 866-736-8481 or email wecare@southernfl.com to discuss your options!

How do start the rental process?

You can call us at 866-736-8481, email wecare@southernfl.com, or place your order online at southernfurnitureleasing.com/start-lease!

Does Southern Furniture Leasing require a security deposit? Can my security deposit be applied towards my last month’s rent?

We require a security deposit equal to one month’s rent (before tax) for every individual lease. This deposit is fully refundable upon completion of the agreed upon lease terms. The security deposit cannot be applied to your rental balance.

What forms of payment does Southern Furniture Leasing accept?

We accept all forms of legal tender. We require a credit card on file and all individuals are signed up for automatic payments unless they specify otherwise.

How soon can furniture be delivered to me?

We can typically guarantee next business day delivery in most cases if all necessary paperwork is complete by 3pm. This timeline may be affected by holidays or natural disasters. Please contact a customer service representative to discuss your specific delivery needs.

Do you deliver on the weekends? Can I request a specific delivery time?

We offer delivery Monday through Friday. A delivery time frame can be requested but the delivery time is subject to change, as a courtesy we offer a one-hour call ahead to make the delivery process as convenient for you as possible.

Does Southern Furniture Leasing only rent brand new furniture?

Most of the furniture we lease has been rented before but our quality control process helps ensure that every piece of furniture we deliver to you is in great condition, or we won’t rent it!

How is the furniture cleaned?

Our furniture is cleaned after every pickup no matter how long it was in use. We follow the manufacturer’s instructions and we use industrial strength cleaner to ensure that our furniture is exceptional for our next customer.

What if I am unhappy the furniture I receive?

Our top priority is your happiness! If you are not pleased with any of the pieces delivered to you, please contact a customer service representative within one week of delivery. If you feel that the quality of the furniture is not acceptable, we will exchange the furniture at no additional cost to you.

What if something is not available at time of delivery?

If a substitution is unavoidable, the item substituted will be of equal or greater value.

What is the minimum lease term?

3 months is the minimum lease term. There are discounts for lease terms of 6 months and 12 months.

Does Southern Furniture Leasing rent appliances, electronics, or housewares?

We do! Appliances, electronics, and housewares can be added to any of our standard packages. We are unable to lease appliances, electronics, or housewares by themselves. To learn more about the items available and pricing, contact a customer service representative or visit https://southernfurnitureleasing.com/housewares/

What is the monthly damage waiver?

For this fee Southern Furniture Leasing will bear all risk of damage or loss to the property (including damage or loss caused by natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes) except for damage or loss caused by theft, disappearance, gross negligence, misuse or abuse (including without limitation, damage by cigar or cigarette burns and pets), for which You will remain responsible. The amount you will pay per month during the Lease Term in Damage Waiver Fees is 10% of your monthly rent. If you decline this damage waiver, You must provide SFL, prior to delivery, with a Certificate of Insurance evidencing fire and extended coverage protection for the full replacement value of the Property with SFL named as the Loss Payee if there is a loss. Damage waiver fee will be charged until this certificate is received.

How can I schedule a pickup?

Call us at 866-736-8481, or email wecare@southernfl.com! Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Can I request an exchange or add-on after I’ve signed my lease?

Yes, call us at 866-736-8481 or email wecare@southernfl.com to discuss pricing and delivery fees. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (Eastern Standard Time).

How do I change my credit card on file?

Call us at 866-736-8481, or email wecare@southernfl.com! Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (Eastern Standard Time).

I have questions about my bill. Who do I contact?

Call us at 866-736-8481, or email wecare@southernfl.com! Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (Eastern Standard Time).

What if I need to cancel my delivery?

You may cancel this lease 24 hours prior to delivery of the property. Cancellation of this lease within two (2) business days of the scheduled delivery will result in a cancellation fee not to exceed one month’s rent. Cancellation after delivery will be treated under the early termination provision of the lease. Refund of monies owed to you, after cancellation, will be made by check and require approximately thirty (30) days processing.

What if I need to end my Lease early?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances sometimes occur and that you may have to terminate your lease early. You may terminate this lease prior to the end of the lease term only if all of the following conditions are met: you have made a minimum of three monthly payments; (2) you are transferred by your employer to a location outside SFL’s service area; and you provide written notice to SFL together with a written statement from your employer of your transfer at least thirty (30) days in advance of your desired termination date. Upon such early termination, your lease term shall be fulfilled, but SFL will be entitled to the greater of the amount of your security deposit or one month’s rent as the charge for early termination. If all these conditions are not met, you will remain liable for all your obligations under this lease.

Are there student packages available?

We offer affordable packages to college students with a valid student I.D. Call us at 866-736-8481, or email wecare@southernfl.com to discuss student package pricing!

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