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Environmental Impact of Furniture: How Renting Furniture Can Be Eco-Friendly

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Renting Furniture: can it actually be environmentally friendly?

In recent years, climate change has become an integral part of the way we all view the world. This has caused many people to look for creative ways they too can help lessen their environmental footprint. Here is one you may not have considered: renting furniture! At Southern Furniture Leasing, we proudly support any effort to help reduce emissions. We will be discussing the environmental impact of furniture here, and how renting can help you go green!


How does renting furniture help?

Renting furniture, as opposed to buying, can be a great way of reducing waste, reducing emissions, and recycling! Purchasing furniture often results in a significant portion going into a landfill during a move. By renting, you actually play a part in reducing the environmental impact of furniture. We take all our previously rented furniture and thoroughly clean, repair, and refurbish it so that they may then be used again. This process lessens the waste caused by moving, reduces the emissions needed to manufacture new furniture, and allows furniture sets to be completely recycled extending their use.


What is your furniture made of?

This is a question most people will never consider! The average mattress is made with a filling created with petrochemicals, meaning created using oil. All of our mattresses are created using what is known as Bio-Foam, a foam created using soybeans, a renewable crop farmed in the United States. By making the switch to Bio-Foam we were able to have a:

  • 23% reduction in total energy demand during manufacturing
  • 61% reduction in non- renewable energy use
  • Produce 36% less global warming emissions
  • Save 50,000 barrels of oil


When choosing a company to rent furniture from, it is important to consider what goes into the products they are leasing. It’s important to be sure to stick with a company that uses products like Bio-Foam to help reduce your carbon footprint!

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