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Airbnb Rental Furniture: Finding The Perfect Furniture for your Vacation Rental

A host preparing their listing with vacation rental furniture

Searching for the perfect Airbnb rental furniture? Since the company’s start in 2008, Airbnb has become a wildly popular addition to the world of vacation and short term rental properties. With the ability to reach an audience of over 150 million users, the app has allowed homeowners across the nation to dive into the world of furnishing a rental property for profit.

Many of these first-time rental owners are now discovering that achieving a beautiful rental while saving money is easier said than done. Here we will be breaking down just a few of the many ways Airbnb hosts can find the perfect vacation rental furniture.


What is Airbnb?

Airbnb, which stands for air bed and breakfast, began as a website connecting homeowners with extra living space to customers looking for a place to stay. Now primarily used as an app, the company caters to an incredibly wide variety of rental property owners and renters. The company has grown steadily with worldwide success leading to a current valuation of over 38 billion dollars and boasts over two million users staying in hosts properties per night.


Why Is Airbnb Furniture Important?

Much like many of the popular apps in circulation today, hosts are ranked and promoted based on their reviews. Any positive reviews a host receives can drastically impact the rate at which a property is rented, increasing the profit for the property owner.

Many hosts just starting out might stay away from paying for quality pieces of furniture. The fear of regular wear and tear expected from a rental is typically part of this. Going cheap can in fact lower the perceived value of a listing and can negatively impact the experience of renters. Cutting corners can lead to a quick drop off in profits if hosts are not careful.


Where Can I Buy Airbnb furniture?

Many furniture companies offer the proper furnishings needed for Airbnb stays. Stores like Ashley Furniture offer a variety of different styles and price ranges for you to choose from. This option may be risky for beginners without experience in interior design, as buying can be expensive and require proper planning.

Where Can I Rent Airbnb Furniture?

There are a few companies that rent furniture in the U.S, and Southern Furniture Leasing is one of them! Renting gives you freedom of choice through furniture packages and flexibility to find leasing terms that fit your schedule. The packages give you the opportunity to decorate your Airbnb without needing to have experience in interior design. Our programs even include electronics and kitchenware, meaning you will not even need to purchase your own household hardware.


Getting the Best Furniture for Your Airbnb

Finding the perfect furniture for your Airbnb can be an important step in becoming a successful and profitable host. Choosing between buying and renting can change your costs in a big way, so make sure to break down all your expenses before making a decision. Regardless of the direction you take, always work with a furniture retailer that has both experience and a track record of quality.

For more information on getting started renting or leasing your own Airbnb rental furniture, Click Here to browse our wide selection of furniture packages. Feel free to Contact Us anytime if you have any questions about finding the perfect furniture rental for Airbnb hosts.

Where Can You Rent Furniture?

Moving to somewhere new can come with a lot of stress. Including finding new furniture! More recently, many people have been deciding to opt for a simplistic solution: renting their furniture. There are many benefits that come with deciding to rent or lease your furniture, but where can you start? Where can you rent furniture? Here we will be outlining just a few of the many different sources of rental furniture you can find across the nation.

One of our many furniture packages available for rent


Local Furniture Companies 

No matter where you are moving to, there is likely a local furniture store. These companies typically manufacture their own products and sell them on a showroom floor. Often, companies such as this can offer rental programs that can be designed to suit your local area. However, all rental programs are not built the same. While taking this route be sure the company you are using has experience renting, and strong guarantees written into their agreements.


Home Decor Stores

Another important factor to consider for your home is furnishings and decor. Many home decor retailers, like local furniture companies, may have rental programs. These programs at times even include furniture selections. Be sure to do your research and read your agreement carefully as furnishings may have very different leases than that of a furniture rental company.


Online Furniture Rental Companies

Shopping online may be one of the most convenient solutions for renting furniture. The top online furniture rental companies will have a wide variety of rental packages available for all tastes and styles. This, with flexible customization and clearly explained leasing terms, makes shopping online very user friendly. Another benefit of shopping online for your rentals is public reviews. This allows you to rent confidently as you can quickly see what sort of experience people are having using the company.


More Information

For more information on how to get started renting furniture, Click Here to browse our wide variety of packages available for rent. Feel free to Contact Us with any other questions you might have about the process!

Full House Furniture Rental

A Home Fully Outfitted With Our Full House Furniture Rental


Filling an entire home with furniture can be a difficult task. This is especially true if you’re moving long-distance! Instead of buying enough furniture to clear out a store, why not consider a full house furniture rental? This can be the perfect solution for anyone looking to decorate a large space.


What is Full House Furniture Rental?

Full house furniture rental is exactly what it sounds like, a supply of enough rental furniture to fill your entire home. This can include anything from couches and beds, to even housewares and electronics. Rentals like this are basically grouping together multiple room sets that match, into one lease package.

Rentals are chosen from a selection of furniture packages and coordinated to be delivered and moved into the home for a set period of time. This time period can vary but is typically at least longer than 3 months. A rental such as this is the perfect solution for those that only need to live in an area for a brief period of time.


Who Could Use Full House Furniture Rental? 

Anyone looking for an efficient and hands-free way to furnish and decorate a large home could use this service! People such as:

  • Members of The Military
  • College Students
  • Seasonal Vacationers


Those listed above are common clients of ours that particularly benefit from renting this way. This is due to the fact that travel is often associated with their individual needs. Most often clients are looking for a way to efficiently furnish a home without needing to deal with furniture before or after!


More Information

For more information on what it looks like to rent or lease a full house with furniture, feel free to Contact Us. Otherwise, you can start your rental process by browsing our selection of pre-designed furniture sets, and various packages of Housewares and Electronics!


What Is Corporate Housing?

One of our many popular furniture rental sets for corporate housing


For many of our clients, moving for work is a big reason rental furniture is needed. Your company may even provide amenities to make the move as easy as possible for you depending on where you are moving to. This can come in the form of credits, an allowance for moving expenses, or even Corporate Housing. Here we will be breaking down what Corporate paid Housing is, and the benefits that come with it.


What Is it?

Corporate housing functions as fully furnished living accommodations designed for business trips. Typically a hotel will suffice for most short term stays, but when it comes to long term stays expenses can run high. This is where corporately rented housing becomes the perfect solution. Offered in the form of either single-family homes or apartments, these housing accommodations are far more suited for comfortable extended stays.


Who Uses It?

There are a wide variety of different industries that benefit from the convenience of corporate paid housing. These include industries such as:

  • Sales
  • Healthcare 
  • Nationally & Internationally Contracted Services
  • Energy Sector Positions
  •  Government and Military 


Those listed are just a few of the huge number of industries that take advantage of programs like this. In short, any businesses that may require employees to travel for longer than a week consider using corporate paid housing.


What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Housing?

Corporately rented housing offers many perks to those taking an extended stay for business. Along with being fully furnished, corporate paid living typically covers the cost of utilities and cable. This type of arrangement will also lower expenses for food, as complete kitchens are common as well. Generally speaking, most of the associated expenses you would anticipate when living in a home or apartment will be covered.


More Information

For more information on what corporate housing is, and what it looks like to rent your own furniture in corporate living: Click Here to contact us about packages and pricing.


Furniture Rental For Students

As a student moving for college, you have a lot on your plate. From organizing your schedule to figuring out your finances, the last thing you want to do is move furniture. This is especially true if you are moving far! At Southern Furniture Leasing, our 40+ years of experience with furniture rental for students has made us experts on what to expect when deciding to rent furniture as a student.


One Of Our Many Furniture Packages Popular With Students



Hassle-Free Moving

The most significant way you can benefit from renting furniture as a student will likely be the easy move in. Purchasing individual furniture pieces that match and fit your style is difficult by itself, then it’s typically your responsibility to move it! Most of the best furniture rental companies deliver at no cost to you. Meaning renting your furniture will cover the work involved in designing AND moving in furniture to your new space.



Many of the students that we help rent furniture are doing so because of the lower cost. Depending on the quality you are looking for, purchasing new furniture can be incredibly expensive. This is especially true when you factor in the cost of moving. If you were to structure your lease to begin on move-in and end on move-out you can cover moving costs on both ends. Many people assume they will just sell their furniture the next time they move. Furniture has a history of depreciating quickly, meaning you will sell for much less than purchasing. This also creates a whole new issue of needing to buy new furniture again!


More Information

For more information on how what to expect with furniture rental for students, Feel free to Contact Us anytime. To begin your renting process, Click Here to be taken to browse our many furniture rental packages available!

How To Find The Best Rental Furniture For Your Home

One of our best selling furniture rental packages


Moving into a new place can come with a lot of stress. This can especially be true if you are a first-time homebuyer! Let’s say you’ve made the decision to rent furniture for your home. Now what? At Southern Furniture Leasing, our 40+ years of experience in the furniture rental business has made us experts on what to focus on when getting the best rental furniture!


Personal Style

When choosing furniture for your home, make sure to have a clear idea of the style that you like. This may seem obvious, but without a background in interior design the task can stack up against you quickly! This is an example of why renting your furniture can have huge benefits. Pre-packaged furniture sets can allow you to pick a design that not only fits your style but fits together.  Choosing individual pieces of furniture that all match the same style can be more difficult than it seems.



Choosing the best rental furniture not only means it should look great, but also should be offered at a great price. Important components to pay attention to in your furniture lease will be:

  • Lease Term
  • Monthly Payments
  • Up-Front Deposits


Payments for each of these portions of your lease can differ depending on the company you are using. Be sure to read your agreement carefully and work with someone you trust.


Quality Guarantees

Many furniture rental companies are not known to be very customer friendly. These companies typically offer little customer support and limited guarantees for quality. Be sure to rent your furniture from a company that clearly stated guarantees for return and satisfaction to save yourself from a headache down the road. Our leases, for example, always come with a satisfaction return policy upon delivery. This makes it so that you can do the least while receiving the most!


More Information

For more information on how to find the best rental furniture for your home, you can Contact Us anytime, or Click Here to browse our selection of packages and get started renting!

How To Find The Best Furniture For Your Rental Property


Living Room Furniture - Great Rental Terms


“How Can I Find The Best Furniture For My Rental Property?”

So you have a rental property. Now, what should you do about furniture for your tenants? There is a wide range of options for you, which can feel intimidating. “What’s the best way to save money?” “Should I even have my property furnished?” At Southern Furniture Leasing, our 41 years of experience in the furniture business has given us the right expertise to help you make the decision as easy as possible.


To Furnish Or Not To Furnish

As a landlord, one of the first questions you should ask yourself when preparing a house to rent is whether you should furnish it. Furnishing your property is providing furniture and fittings for your potential tenants. Depending on the type of property you are renting, this decision can be very important. For example, if you have a short-term rental, furnishing is crucial as your tenants will likely not bring their own furniture for a week-long vacation. However, if you are intending to rent to a family on a long-term basis, furnishings may not be necessary! Understand your target renter’s needs and local standards to help finalize this decision.


Finding The Best Furniture For Your Rental

After deciding to furnish your rental property you will need to figure out the most cost-effective, and appealing, furniture options available to you. These can come in a variety of ways that typically fall under two main categories: buying or leasing. both have their own benefits that can suit your needs depending on the situation!



Buying Furniture

The main benefit of buying furniture for a property is the ability to re-use furniture at the end of a tenants’ lease. This will likely involve refurbishing costs but can involve less work if there is low wear and tear between tenants. The difficulty comes in anticipating the of costs, and work that will be needed at lease end.


Leasing Furniture

Leasing furniture is usually your best option for the most hands-free and cost-effective furnishing. Using a lease, you remove nearly all the work involved with furnishing a property. This also gives you the ability to match the lease of both your tenant and the furniture. Matching lease terms ensure you can switch out furniture packages easily for a fresh new layout to show new tenants!



More Information

For more information on how to best furnish your rental property with a lease, you can Contact Us at any time. You can also Click Here to browse our selection of lease packages that may be the best furniture for your rental property!

How To Find Affordable Home Furnishings


Quality Furniture Rental - Living Rooms



Affordable Home Furnishings: Where they are, and how you can find them


Searching for affordable home furnishings can be one of the most difficult parts of moving. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case! There are plenty of ways to find beautiful furnishings without breaking the bank. Here we’ll be outlining some of our favorite ways to find cheap home furnishings. Whether you rummage through a thrift store, check out your neighborhood garage sales, or lease, we can help find the best option for you!


Thrift Stores


This is a classic way many homeowners find affordable solutions to their home furnishing needs. Buying repurposed furniture can be a great way to save money and help your local community. The downside to shopping in thrift stores, however, is the lack of variety. Thrift stores may offer affordability, but they can’t always offer specific styles, wants, or needs that you might have in mind.


Local Garage Sales


Neighborhood yard sales are always a great way to pick up inexpensive furnishings for your home. Not only are items priced to sell, but it’s a great way to support (and meet) your neighbors! Just a quick drive around the neighborhood on a Saturday can lead to a new treasure for the home. Along with thrift stores, you may find that the contents of a garage sale can be limited to only unwanted items and furnishings. Especially when it comes to furniture, this can raise questions as to the quality, and condition of what’s for sale.




Leasing your furnishings can not only be affordable but can also allow you to retain freedom of choice to match your styles and tastes. Choosing to lease your furniture has a host of benefits that can help give you the most flexibility and least hassle, at a low cost. When choosing furnishings, most leasing companies will have a selection of furniture packages that match a wide range of current styles and tastes. At Southern Furniture Leasing, we even have options for leasing cookware and electronics!


More Information


We specialize in affordable home furnishings. If you would like more information on what it takes to get started on a lease, you can contact us Here anytime. To also view our selection of furniture packages, Click Here and see just how many options there are to suit your needs!

Environmental Impact of Furniture: How Renting Furniture Can Be Eco-Friendly

Environmentally Friendly Rental packages


Renting Furniture: can it actually be environmentally friendly?

In recent years, climate change has become an integral part of the way we all view the world. This has caused many people to look for creative ways they too can help lessen their environmental footprint. Here is one you may not have considered: renting furniture! At Southern Furniture Leasing, we proudly support any effort to help reduce emissions. We will be discussing the environmental impact of furniture here, and how renting can help you go green!


How does renting furniture help?

Renting furniture, as opposed to buying, can be a great way of reducing waste, reducing emissions, and recycling! Purchasing furniture often results in a significant portion going into a landfill during a move. By renting, you actually play a part in reducing the environmental impact of furniture. We take all our previously rented furniture and thoroughly clean, repair, and refurbish it so that they may then be used again. This process lessens the waste caused by moving, reduces the emissions needed to manufacture new furniture, and allows furniture sets to be completely recycled extending their use.


What is your furniture made of?

This is a question most people will never consider! The average mattress is made with a filling created with petrochemicals, meaning created using oil. All of our mattresses are created using what is known as Bio-Foam, a foam created using soybeans, a renewable crop farmed in the United States. By making the switch to Bio-Foam we were able to have a:

  • 23% reduction in total energy demand during manufacturing
  • 61% reduction in non- renewable energy use
  • Produce 36% less global warming emissions
  • Save 50,000 barrels of oil


When choosing a company to rent furniture from, it is important to consider what goes into the products they are leasing. It’s important to be sure to stick with a company that uses products like Bio-Foam to help reduce your carbon footprint!

More Information

At Southern Furniture Leasing, we’re here to be a resource for you on all things furniture. For more information on our various furniture packages available for rent, you can Click Here.  

Why Renting Furniture Can Be Better Than Buying


Why Rent?


Renting furniture can be an unthought-of solution to many common problems that people have with moving. Why purchase expensive furniture that you will need to get rid of when you can rent furniture at a fraction of the cost and hassle? Here we will be outlining situations our clients have found themselves in, and how renting furniture helped solve their problems better than buying would have.


One of our many furniture packages available for rent


Temporary Work Housing


Many of our clients moving to new cities for work are aware that they will not be staying long term. Relocating to another city with the intention of living there a year or less puts people in a unique position when it comes to furnishing their homes or apartments. Purchasing furniture outright involves expensive upfront costs, heavy lifting, and then going through the hassle of transporting the furniture when work needs you to move again! Renting allows for easy selection, low upfront payments, and the furniture is picked up at the end of your term, at no cost to you.


Military Service


At Southern Furniture Leasing, we proudly support the Armed Forces. Often, military men and women will be on a base short term, sometimes even a year or less. If you are living off base, you will likely be expected to supply furniture on your own if your housing doesn’t come furnished as is. But, if you are in a position where you may receive orders to move at the drop of a hat, why deal with the hassle of selling or moving furniture in a rush? This is another situation where purchasing furniture just doesn’t make sense when compared to the benefits of renting.


More Information


We understand that the process of moving to a new area can be stressful. Let us help take care of some of the hardest parts. If you would like more information on how to begin to rent furniture, Click Here to browse our wide selection and get started today.