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How To Find The Best Furniture For Your Rental Property


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“How Can I Find The Best Furniture For My Rental Property?”

So you have a rental property. Now, what should you do about furniture for your tenants? There is a wide range of options for you, which can feel intimidating. “What’s the best way to save money?” “Should I even have my property furnished?” At Southern Furniture Leasing, our 41 years of experience in the furniture business has given us the right expertise to help you make the decision as easy as possible.


To Furnish Or Not To Furnish

As a landlord, one of the first questions you should ask yourself when preparing a house to rent is whether you should furnish it. Furnishing your property is providing furniture and fittings for your potential tenants. Depending on the type of property you are renting, this decision can be very important. For example, if you have a short-term rental, furnishing is crucial as your tenants will likely not bring their own furniture for a week-long vacation. However, if you are intending to rent to a family on a long-term basis, furnishings may not be necessary! Understand your target renter’s needs and local standards to help finalize this decision.


Finding The Best Furniture For Your Rental

After deciding to furnish your rental property you will need to figure out the most cost-effective, and appealing, furniture options available to you. These can come in a variety of ways that typically fall under two main categories: buying or leasing. both have their own benefits that can suit your needs depending on the situation!



Buying Furniture

The main benefit of buying furniture for a property is the ability to re-use furniture at the end of a tenants’ lease. This will likely involve refurbishing costs but can involve less work if there is low wear and tear between tenants. The difficulty comes in anticipating the of costs, and work that will be needed at lease end.


Leasing Furniture

Leasing furniture is usually your best option for the most hands-free and cost-effective furnishing. Using a lease, you remove nearly all the work involved with furnishing a property. This also gives you the ability to match the lease of both your tenant and the furniture. Matching lease terms ensure you can switch out furniture packages easily for a fresh new layout to show new tenants!



More Information

For more information on how to best furnish your rental property with a lease, you can Contact Us at any time. You can also Click Here to browse our selection of lease packages that may be the best furniture for your rental property!

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