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What is a Furniture Subscription?


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What Is A Furniture Subscription?


At Southern Furniture Leasing, this is a question we get asked quite often. The simple answer is, a furniture subscription is the same as Leasing your furniture. Furniture leasing and subscriptions are both a very common way to find affordable home furnishings for your home, condo, or apartment.


How Does A Furniture Subscription Work?


Typically, a Furniture Subscription, or lease, begins with selecting your ideal furniture package, submitting a security deposit, and choosing where and when you want the furniture delivered.

At Southern Furniture Leasing, our process is the same. A security deposit of only one months rent (before tax) is required and is fully refundable upon completion of the agreed-upon lease terms. Our subscriptions start at a 3-month minimum and we even offer discounts for 6 and 12-month rentals.

As long as you are in one of our many service areas, we will deliver your desired furniture and pick it up come the end of your lease, at no cost to you.


How Do I Sign Up?


We do our best to make the furniture rental process as easy as possible. To sign up for one of our many furniture packages available, you can call us at 866-736-8481, email us at wecare@southernfl.com, or place your order online by Clicking Here.


If you have any further questions, feel free to visit our Frequently asked questions page here. Or Contact Us any time, and a qualified representative will help you find the affordable home furnishings of your dreams!

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